Chia Seed Breakfast Bowl

An awesome fruit that we combine with a great breakfast idea that you guys have been begging us to make. Perhaps one of the easiest recipes we’ve done… but the addition of our mystery ingredient takes it to another level... An amazing level!!. Have a watch to find out what the surprise twist is and how we get on!


Chia seed bowl

1 ripe custard apple
150 ml almond milk
1 pinch of salt
2 tbsp chia seeds
1 squeeze of runny honey

To serve

50 g whole almonds
2 Turkish yellow plums
2 apricots
1 nectarine
2 Victoria plums


Scoop the custard apple
Scoop the flesh out of the custard apple and pick out the black seeds. Blitz it up to a puree and then whisk in the almond milk, salt and honey.

Add the chia and chill
Stir in the chia seeds and leave in the bowl to soak overnight in the fridge ready for breakfast or for at least 2-3 hours if you’re making it as dessert.

Prep the stoned fruit
Prepare the selection of stoned fruit, taking care to cut the fruit into neat segments to best showcase their beautiful seasonal colours. Slice the almonds into slithers.

Serve the chia seed pudding with a selection of the fruit almonds and seeds arranged on top and beside. Serves 2

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