Celebrating 90 years of Rennie Heritage


For over 90 years, Rennie has been helping us overcome the symptoms of heartburn and indigestion so we can fall back in love with food.

Launched by John Rennie in 1931, today the popular antacid is the UK’s No. 1 bestselling heartburn and indigestion tablet brand*, and over 1 million tablets are sold on average every day in the UK alone.

We’ve been working to grow and adapt across the decades so we can provide you fast, effective relief from heartburn, indigestion & trapped wind in a range of formats and flavours so you can find the one that’s best for you.

So how has the brand changed over the past 90 years?

*To verify the UK’s No.1 best-selling heartburn & indigestion tablet brand claim, please contact consumerhealthuk@bayer.com.

Rennie is the UK’s number 1 bestselling heartburn & indigestion brand*. Enjoy 90 years of Rennie.



Rennie timeline: 1931

Rennie is launched, alongside a series of iconic print ad campaigns

Rennie timeline: 30s – 70s

Rennie tablets were supplied individually wrapped, ideal for convenient on-the-go relief

Rennie timeline: 1970s

The Rennie tablet was re-designed with the iconic “dimple”, making it easier to suck on

Rennie timeline: 1980s

After a re-branding, Rennie tablets supplied in the bubble packs we still use today.

Rennie timeline: 1988 (TV ad)

TV campaign:
Got any Rennie? - Got Indigestion? Got any Rennie?

Rennie timeline: 1990s

Rennie Deflatine is introduced to help relieve trapped wind while easing heartburn and indigestion

Rennie timeline: 1990s (TV ad)

TV campaign:
Effective Relief - Fast, effective relief.

Rennie timeline: 2000

Rennie Sugar Free is introduced

Rennie timeline: 2003 (TV ad)

TV Campaign:
HEY! - Got a life? Got indigestion? Get Rennie.

Rennie timeline: 2010s (TV ad)

TV campaign:
Happy Tummies – Heartburn and indigestion? This calls for Rennie. Make your tummy happier.

Rennie timeline: 2012

Rennie Orange is introduced for those who prefer a fruit flavour

Rennie timeline: 2018

Rennie Liquid Heartburn Relief oral suspension is launched, for quick, soothing relief from heartburn

Rennie timeline: 2020 (TV ad)

TV campaign:
Fall back in love with food – Rennie encourages you to fall back in love with food.

Rennie timeline: 2021

Rennie gets a rebrand with a new-look logo and website full of tips, advice and recipes

Helping you fall back in love
with food since the 30s