How to manage heartburn: A 4 stage guide for your symptoms

Heartburn is never pleasant and depending on the severity of your symptoms, it can prevent you from getting on with your day or doing the things you enjoy. If heartburn is hitting you now, then take a look at Rennie’s 4 stage guide to managing heartburn.


A solution of baking soda and water is a common method for relief when dealing with the symptoms of heartburn. Baking soda is not an acid, which means that it can help neutralise any excess stomach acid if that’s the root of your problem.

To prepare the remedy, add a teaspoon of the baking soda to a standard glass of water, mix it, and drink it at a leisurely pace. If this doesn’t do the trick within two hours, you can try again. 

It’s not exactly the most pleasant remedy, but it may help relieve your symptoms! 


Standing up straight is another simple method to help you relive heartburn symptoms. Your posture can have a huge impact on your digestive system and giving it some space can help relieve the symptoms of heartburn.

Slouching or wearing tight clothing can put increased pressure on your stomach which can lead to heartburn. Standing upright helps to alleviate this pressure which allows the lower oesophageal valve to relax and close properly, preventing any unwanted acid from creeping out of your stomach and up your throat. Simple: but effective!


When it comes to trying to get rid of heartburn, there are plenty of lifestyle adjustments you can make to mitigate your chances of developing symptoms, but when it strikes, antacids like Rennie** are a common choice.

Antacids work by neutralising stomach acid, as opposed to other medications which limit its production. These antacids usually come in a gummy or chalky tablet that can either be chewed or dissolved, and are available over the counter or in shops.

Antacids can be used by just about anyone, although they may cause problems for those with sodium restrictions or kidney problems. They can also be taken during pregnancy, as long as they’re taken according to the pack instructions.

If symptoms are severe or prolonged, you should consult a doctor or pharmacist for advice. 

How to manage heartburn antacids


Similar to antacids, there are also liquid forms of heartburn management available. One such method is Rennie Liquid Heartburn Relief which works by forming a defensive layer across the top of the stomach so that stomach acid finds it harder to escape and work its way up the oesophagus, causing the burning sensation.

What’s more, is that this form of relief can be used during pregnancy to help deal with the uncomfortable heartburn that can occur if you’re expecting.

**Rennie Peppermint. Always read the label.
Medicines can affect the unborn baby. Always talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking any medicine in pregnancy


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Heartburn is the name given to the burning feeling or heat that begins in your chest or throat and rises upwards to the throat.

Man reacting to heartburn caused by acid reflux

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is the reverse passage of gastric contents into the oesophagus (‘food pipe’) which can cause heartburn.

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Indigestion, also known as dyspepsia, is a general term for pain or discomfort felt after meals in the stomach region, associated with difficulty in digesting food.

Man holding stomach uncomfortably due to trapped wind

Trapped Wind

Trapped wind (trapped gas) is a very common condition causing pain or discomfort around the digestive system, usually due to a build up of pressure in your stomach or abdomen.

Pregnant woman in red dress holding baby bump

Heartburn In Pregnancy

Heartburn is very common during pregnancy especially during the third trimester. Heartburn affects 22% of women in the first trimester, 39% in the second and up to 72% in the last.